1. Tori Spelling

    In 1990, teenaged Tori, Aaron Spelling’s daughter, was cast in a starring role in her father’s mega-hit Beverly Hills 90210. She landed the part of the good girl, Donna Martin, and used that to her advantage off screen. After the show ended its long run, Tori became an author of an award-winning autobiography, appeared in numerous movies and television shows, and transformed into a master of networking the media.

    Critics have always credited Tori’s success to her father, but ironically she has maintained her fame for over two decades by being her “mostly” real, unscripted self. Much like her father, she knows how to appeal to a broad audience and market her personality. Tori has created an empire of her own and can laugh all the way to the bank at those who said she wasn’t talented or beautiful enough to be a star. Regardless, her dad got her started in an entertainment industry that she has thrived in ever since.
    celebrities famous because of their parents

  2. Rumer Willis

    Rumer Willis, daughter to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has been in the news for years. Before she even turned 10, she had been in two of her mother’s films and later joined her father on the big screen. It seemed, with a little help from her parents, that celebrity would indeed become her destiny.

    Now trying to carve out a career for herself on the screen, Rumer keeps herself in the spotlight whenever she can. Landing guest starring roles on TV series, dating and hanging out with other young working actors, and participating in philanthropic events with big-named stars, Rumer is working hard to gain some recognition for herself.

    Being born to two Hollywood power players can be both a blessing and a curse. The doors have been opened, but there is always a shadow. The daughter to one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Rumer is subjected to constant comparisons. However, being recognized in 2009 as one of People magazine’s most beautiful people helps Rumer keep her chin up.
    celebrities famous because of their parents

  3. Melissa Rivers

    Sidekick to her mother, Melissa has been policing Hollywood’s red carpets for years.  Joan Rivers, a comedy legend, broke down entertainment barriers. Melissa, it seems, trailed in behind her mother and found her place critiquing the fashion failures and triumphs of Hollywood trendsetters.

    More than just a red carpet commentator, Melissa is also a regular on reality television with and without her mother. Melissa’s most celebrated moments of fame, of course, include Joan. Whether they share the screen or just the set, the two know how to play and profit together. Currently, the two work together on E’s Fashion Police, where Joan hosts and Melissa executive produces. Joan is always the lead, and Melissa has made a career of playing off and alongside her talented and somewhat caustic mother. Being the butt of mothers’ jokes has served Melissa well and been the foundation for a long and celebrated career.
    celebrities famous because of their parents

  4. Bristol Palin

    When your mother is simultaneously on the world’s political stage and the laughingstock of the nation, the best thing to do is lay low, not get pregnant. Bristol Palin, the daughter of Sarah Palin, became a household name when the famous republican’s daughter became a teenage mother and later became the subject of, and perhaps even the inspiration, for reality television.

    With a memoir that landed on The New York Times Best Sellers List, a spin on Dancing with the Stars, an active blog, public speaking engagements, and a reality show, it appears that this Palin may be the one who knows how to work the public to her advantage. It’s not your typical teenager with an unexpected pregnancy that can interfere with a Presidential race and become an outspoken advocate of abstinence. . Her mother’s political career may have opened the door for her, but it is Bristol who figured out how to preside over the masses.
    celebrities famous because of their parents

  5. Nicole Ritchie

    The world wasn’t looking for Nicole, but the daughter of Motown Legend Lionel Ritchie found us anyway. Nicole became famous on The Simple Life, a FOX reality show co-starring with her then-friend Paris Hilton. The audience enjoyed watching the entitled and privileged pair struggle with the inconveniences of middle-class living. It was Nicole’s jovial spirit and willingness to get dirty that won the hearts of fans. It was her impish lifestyle that kept her in the headlines. It was her father’s position that got her started, but it is Nicole who made herself a lifelong member in mainstream media. Today, married and a mother, Nicole is an inspiration in both fashion and philanthropic endeavors. A fashion designer and trend setter, Nicole is omnipresent on the web, magazines, and the small screen. It seems that the pint-sized media giant was never intended for a simple life.
    celebrities famous because of their parents

  6. The Jackson Three

    Michael Jackson’s children – Prince, Paris, and Blanket – are celebrities born to the King of Pop, a music legend who, at one time, did his best to shield the young Jacksons from the media. Thrust into the spotlight upon their father’s death and shrouded in generations-old family drama, fans watched to see how the trio would handle themselves. By most accounts, the young Jacksons came out admirably. Under the constant microscope of the world, the children have struggled to protect themselves and their father’s legacy. There are some doubts about the paternity of the children, but whether it’s nature or nurture, Prince and Paris have taken their first steps into the world’s stage.
    celebrities famous because of their parents

  7. Willow Smith

    Most ten-year-olds want a new bike or a laptop. In 2010, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith gave their decade-old daughter a golden opportunity to become a songstress who whips her hair back and forth, over and over and over again. It is difficult to tell on her singles how much of the voice is Willow’s and how much is studio-enhanced, but either way she is a young celebrity on the rise to stardom. Willow is making headlines again this year with her controversial new single and video “Summer Fling.”  The lyrics and images are, according to some critics and parents, too suggestive for a 12-year-old girl. Will and Jada provided the opportunity and the platform, so we have to wonder if it’s the former Fresh Prince that just doesn’t understand.
    celebrities famous because of their parents

  8. Suri Cruise

    Suri, daughter to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, somehow made diapers look good. She has been credited with her bold fashion choices and adorable shoes since before she could, well, dress herself. She is an adorable child, but her celebrity comes down to swimming in a wealthy and stunning gene pool. Astute gossip magazine readers may recall that Suri was a celebrity before she was even born or even named. Katie’s pregnancy and Suri’s birth were documented in every tabloid and many reputable periodicals with great detail. Anybody who can come into the world with more fans than an aging action star is worth noting. And, now that she can tie her own shoes, the fashion possibilities are endless.
    celebrities famous because of their parents

  9. Kelly Osbourne

    Just having the incomprehensible Ozzy Osbourne and the sharp-tongued Sharon Osbourne as parents was not enough to make Kelly a celebrity. If that were true, we’d still be talking about her older brother Jack or the her sister who publicly pretends she doesn’t know any of them. However, appearing in The Osbournes, a reality show on MTV during the early 2000s, gave adolescent Kelly an opportunity to show off her fearless punk style and her brassy British mouth. Somehow, Kelly managed to turn those traits into marketable qualities and works as a host and fashion critic on the E Network’s Fashion Police where she sometimes takes sinful verbal stabs at those other celebrities who miss the mark. She also engages in infamous Twitter wars and pals around with other elite British celebrities, like Madonna’s American-born daughter Lourdes.
    celebrities famous because of their parents

  10. Kim Kardashian

    Daughter to the attorney famous for successfully defending OJ Simpson, Kim Kardashian managed to simultaneously exploit both her father’s legal prowess and the horrific murder of a family friend to make a name for herself.  True, the “accidental” release of a sex tape made her a national celebrity, but being Robert Kardashian’s privileged daughter gave her the opportunity to first launch herself on Beverly Hills.

    Daughter to momager Kris and step-daughter to Bruce Jenner only fueled the fire of her uber-celebrity. Everything she does ends up the topic of feature stories in magazines, splashed all over the web, and analyzed in social media discussion.  However, we aren’t really sure what it is she does.  Lacking any measurable talent, the star of several family-based reality shows on the E Network and the cover of many magazine covers, Kim is a celebrity by name and game only.
    celebrities famous because of their parents